Why go Theater if you can download and view it at home.

Theater presence needs transfer whether by transit or vehicle or walking/cycling. You must park an automobile, typically pay a fee, you must wait and pay for transport, you have a need for a safe route to bike or walk, and when locking a bike at a theater, you must take precautions. Not one of these are issues when viewing a film at home via streaming, and not one of them need be a problem should you lease or purchase a disc while shopping for other products.

Films are shown in theaters on a program. Miss the opening scenes of the movie or you must coordinate your presence to that program or sit through an extended sequence of advertisements expecting the film. Some CDs have commercials and previews. However, you can bypass every one of these, and streaming pictures show instantly (at least, so far they do). When you would like it to begin the show begins.

You can not jump back to catch it in case you miss something said or shown in a theater. Instead, you must ask others what you lost, thereby interrupting their encounter. Or you must pay to see the film another time. At home, jumping back several seconds or even to the start of a scene is simple it does not even interrupt the flow.

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Theatres with the old little gradient sloped floor present a greater danger of having someone’s head in the following row down block the view, or some one’s smartphone light up during the film, or some one’s lip smacking, cellophane crunching hunger spoil the soundtrack, or some one’s speaking divert from the dialog. All these intrusions are reduced by high riser stadium seating and going to movies at the slow times of the day or week decreases the chance that anyone is sitting close by. Films at home may be viewed snuggling with others or sprawling on the sofa, as you select. See http://movie786.com/ to download free pictures.


There isn’t any pause button for a film in a theater, which means you either overlook the restroom to be used by many the movies, or you also endure the strain of holding your bladder. At home in case your fires decree, you’ll be able to wash the dishes, or get hot and heavy with your date/partner/suggest other.


Theaters rarely present films for binge watching. I viewed the LOR films preceding the first local showing of Return of the King, all in a single day, and then the closing one. It turned out to be an individual instance, although it turned out to be a big gay party which couldn’t be duplicated at home. At home, you can mash up pictures as much as the availability permits. The total run of Rocky or Die Hard, or somesuch supplies an intriguing transect of filmmaking tactics. Therefore I propose visiting the theater and downloading pictures from 123Movies rather than wasting time.

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I am not dissing the theater going experience, which is somewhat satisfying when part of an evening’s social agenda with buddies. And I understand that a top-notch practical encounter can be presented by theater films when the theater is chosen. Whether the advantages are outweighed by the disadvantages is for each to determine for every single specified scenario.